Friday, 15 January 2016

Initialed Fabric Key Thingy

Just before Christmas, and using the new craft space, my daughter and I whipped up these key fobs as stocking fillers (I think fob is the right word, although it sounds very odd) from fabric scraps.

Key fob, fabric scraps, recycling fabric scraps

Well, the "fabric scraps" bit of that sentence is correct, but we didn't exactly "whip" them up, as they were quite fiddly and we made it up as we went along. Add to that my lack of skill with a sewing machine get the picture.

  • First we cut out the circles of denim with pinking shears.
  • Then ironed a smaller circle of interfacing onto the wrong side of each circle to provide some "body".
  • Then I set about finding some scrap leather for the initials, but didn't have any in my stash and didn't think I could "borrow" a bit from our leather sofa. However, I remembered that many jeans have a leather-like badge/belt tab at the back and, sure enough, this was the case with the jeans we had used for the denim fabric. (They were old ones-panic not!). I made a rough template out of paper for the initials, laid it on the leather, then cut round the template.Without the template I would definitely have made a pig's ear of this bit!

After glueing the initials in place we used the straps from a summer dress for the flowery fabric attached to the ring. These bits were already hemmed, so we just had to fold them over the ring, then place the two ends between the 2 circles and pin everything in place. I then sewed twice all around each circle (note to self - practice sewing circles beforehand) and also sewed the edges of the "straps" together. Finally we glued on the star and stone as embellishments. Phew! It was fun, but I must say that paper is far more forgiving!

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Before...and after....

Before.........a mess!

After......a craft space! Yay!!

OK, so compared to some of those super swish craft rooms out there this is nothing much to look at, but to me, having a surface to work on which I don't have to clear away at mealtimes!
Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

DIY Clothes Voucher

For my daughter's recent birthday I wanted to get her a voucher for a new dress, but didn't want to buy a voucher from a particular shop in case she didn't find anything she liked. So I decided to make my own, but it looked a bit plain. So then I jazzed things up a little with this origami dress. 

You can find the tutorial I used here. It's very easy to follow. My dress is a bit crumpled-it obviously works best with origami paper, which I didn't have. I added a little sparkly flat-backed stone to the middle for decoration. 

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Quick Christmas Labels

Although I haven't been writing on this blog much lately, I am still here and am still dabbling in crafty things when time and inspiration allow. My problem is that I have no dedicated crafting space to call my own, so am forever having to move my half-finished projects to make room for meals or homework on the dining table. However, that is set to change - more later.

It's that time of year when (hopefully) we are purchasing new clothes for the new season. I must say I find it hard to throw away those sturdy labels that hang on new clothes and have been hoarding collecting quite a few for a while now. Here are just a few:

Add a stamp and a bit of Distress ink (this was Evergreen Bough) and.........Bob's your uncle, or er... Rudolf's your reindeer!

Back soon!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Two teenage girls, some nail polish, some water.....

Swirl it around with a cocktail stick and dip in tins and glass jars from the recycled bin and...voilà..

nail polish crafts

How cool is that?

A couple of tips if you're trying this out:

1. You won't want to use the container with the nail polish/water again, so choose something you can throw away.

2. Once you add different nail polishes to the water you want to work quickly, as they start to form a skin very soon.

3. Due to the fumes from the nail polish, it's advisable to do this activity outdoors. 

The girls found that tin cans and glass worked the best, but they also jazzed up a plain plant pot and a polystyrene heart.

A fun couple of hours!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Mind your language!

I pride myself on being a bit of a linguist. I mean, I've mastered German, understand Swiss German, can get by on Italian and can dredge up a few remnants of A-level French if needed. But Spanish. Spanish eludes me. On a recent visit to Barcelona (more on that another time) this slight impediment didn't stop me from reading all the signs and notices and making my own interpretation of them. So it was in a clothes shop with my daughter that I spotted an escalator going up and a sign announcing "HOME". Great, I said to my daughter. They do stuff for the home here too. Let's go up there afterwards. It was only whilst waiting for her outside the changing rooms that I saw the shop had changing rooms for men too. Marked "HOME". That's when the penny dropped. "HOME" is Catalan for man and the sign had been pointing to the men's department upstairs, not a home furnishings department for goodness sake. Duhh! Good job I didn't go up there asking for sangria glasses or paella dishes.....

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Back to Business

I've recently got into using Distress Inks by Tim Holtz / Ranger and am really impressed with their quality and versatility. I had heard of Distress Inks, but thought they were just to darken the edges of paper when scrapbooking. I didn't realise you can stamp with them, make backgrounds, mix with water, colour ribbons etc, etc....There are many tutorials on how to use these inks and Tim Holtz has a great blog with very informative and entertaining step-by-step tutorials. Speaking of which, I decided to do his 12 Tags of 2015 challenge this month. You can read about it here. When I saw his tag for April (which you can find here) I was spellbound. When I saw the list of supplies required less so. But then I thought, what is it Tim always says? Embrace the imperfection? Yes! So with my imperfect supplies, I spent a happy couple of hours tinkering around and this is what I came up with:

Tim Holtz, Distress Ink, 12 tags of 2015-April

Basically I had a few colours of Distress ink, a blending tool, water and a couple of stamps. I didn't have the spritzy thing Tim has to make the mottled background so just flicked the watered down ink from a paintbrush at the wet watercolour paper. I don't have a die cutting machine so punched the flower shape with a normal punch, then stamped the strip with my new text stamp - which I am very pleased with. Now the sewing round the edge thing stumped me and I laid the whole thing to one side for a day or two. Basically, the sewing machine and I are not good friends. In fact, we are barely on speaking terms. I considered drawing the lines in and pretending they were stitches, but in the end I thought about the imperfection thing and went for it. And, what do you know - it worked perfectly! No broken threads and not too wonky and so no cursing and swearing on my part. I added that metal button at the end as it fell out of my craft cupboard as I was rifling through my sparse supplies, so I took that as a sign!! Oh and the ribbon was a bit from some Easter packaging which I dyed with the Distress Ink. 

It feels good to write on the blog again after such a long time.

Back soon!


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